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moja igra moj put

Knjiga o životu uspešnog košarkaškog trenera Svetislava Pešića. On ne priča samo o svojim uspesima i neuspesima, već daje duboke uvide u svoj pogled i filozofiju igre.

Da li ste spremni da budete inspirisani i motivisani za uspeh u svim oblastima života? Ne tražite dalje od "moja igra, moj put", zanimljive autobiografije legendarnog košarkaškog trenera koji je postigao vrhunski uspeh u svom sportu.

Ali ova knjiga nije samo priča o košarci. To je vodič za život ispunjen principima i vrednostima koje vode ka veličini. Steći ćete pristup znanju, iskustvu i pobedničkom mentalitetu koji su pomogli u oblikovanju putovanja trenera ka uspehu.

Košarka je sport koji kombinuje individualnu kreativnost i atletizam sa snagom timskog rada. Sa samo pet igrača na terenu, tim može zapaliti igru i stvoriti duh pobede. A sa pravim odlukama trenera i igrača, tok igre i njen ishod mogu biti značajno uticajni.

U "moja igra, moj put" otkrićete unutrašnje funkcionisanje ovog voljenog sporta i kako se njegovi principi mogu primeniti na sve aspekte vašeg života. Zato ne čekajte više da budete inspirisani i motivisani ka vašem sopstvenom uspehu. Nabavite svoj primerak "Moja Igra, Moj Put" danas!


A book about the life of the accomplished basketball coach Svetislav Pesic. He does not only tell the story of his successes and failures but gives deep insights into his view and philosophy of the game.

Are you ready to be inspired and motivated to succeed in all areas of life? Look no further than "My Game, My Way", the captivating autobiography of a legendary basketball coach who achieved the ultimate success in his sport.

But this book is more than just a story about basketball. It's a guide to living a fulfilling life with principles and values that lead to greatness. You'll gain access to the knowledge, experience, and winning mentality that helped shape the coach's journey to success.

Basketball is a sport that combines individual creativity and athleticism with the power of teamwork. With just five players on the court, a team can ignite the game and create a winning spirit. And with the right coach and player decisions, the course of the game and its outcome can be significantly impacted.

In "My Game, My Way" you'll discover the inner workings of this beloved sport and how its principles can be applied to all aspects of your life. So don't wait any longer to be inspired and motivated towards your own success. Get your copy of "My Game, My Way" today!

A note from Svetislav Pesic

Dear Basketball Enthusiasts and Avid Readers,

I am thrilled to share with you my journey through the world of basketball in my book, "My Game, My Way." Written during the reflective years of the coronavirus pandemic, this book encapsulates not just strategies on the court but life lessons gleaned from decades of coaching.

Originally penned in Serbian, my mother tongue, "moje igra moj put" was released in 2022. It was a labor of love, born in a time of global uncertainty, reflecting my personal and professional journey in basketball. This book is more than a coaching manual; it's a narrative of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

As 2023 draws to a close, I am excited to announce the English translation of my book. This version, aimed at reaching a broader audience, shares the same insights and experiences, now accessible to English-speaking readers around the globe. The translation process has been a journey of its own, mirroring the meticulous planning and execution that basketball demands.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Pi-Press, a dedicated publishing house run by dear friends in my hometown, Pirot, Serbia. Their support and belief in this project have been instrumental in bringing both the Serbian and English versions of my book to life.

Basketball has been my life's work, and sharing this journey with you is a privilege. I invite you to explore the pages of "My Game, My Way" and join me in this ongoing exploration of the beautiful game of basketball.

Warm regards,

Svetislav Pesic


my game my way

moja igra moj put


my game my way

moja igra moj put

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